Venues and Program

The Venues:

The venue for the ISARC 2018 will be the Maritim proArte (Address: Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin). All ISARC 2018 keynotes and presentations will take place here. This 4-star hotel and conference center is located in the heart of Berlin and is within a few minutes walk to the most historic landmarks of the city (Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, and many other world known sites). A special and very affordable conference rate has been negotiated for early bookers (please use this link).

The venue for the Intl. AEC/FM Hackathon will be TU Berlin’s Humboldthain Campus (Address: Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin) which includes the buildings and laboratories of the Institute of Civil Engineering. This site will also function as the location for the ISARC 2018 reception and gala dinner. The campus is also known for its historic early 20th century industrial-type buildings. A part of it is the Peter-Behrens-Halle, named after a German architect and designer who was imortant to the modernist movement. Please use S1, S2 or S25 for a short walk and train ride to get there (you may enlarge the image by clicking on it).

The Program:

The ISARC 2018 and Intl. AEC/FM Hackathon has the following tentative schedule and events*. Please visit the individual pages for more information to each subevent, incl. the technical tour. The IAARC Board of Directors (BOD) meetings (e-mail notifications will be send to the BOD individually) will take place on Sunday July 22, 2018 from 1-5 p.m. (Humboldthain Campus) and Monday July 23, 2018 (Maritim proArte) before the BOD dinner (all BOD events are by invitation only).

* The tentative schedule is subject to modifcations.