Venue and Program

The venue for the ISARC 2018 will be the Maritim proArte (Address: Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin). The 4-star hotel and conference center is located in the heart of Berlin within a few minutes walk to the most historic landmarks of the city (Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, and many other world known sites). A special and very affordable conference rate has been negotiated for early bookers. The Intl. AEC/FM Hackathon will be held at the TU Berlin Humboldthain campus. It is also famous for its historic early 20th century industrial-type buildings.

The International AEC/FM Hackathon and ISARC 2018 will contain the following program and events*:

  • Friday, July 20, from noon (all events @ TU Berlin Humboldthain Campus**)
    • 1 p.m.:  Kick-off of Hackathon
    • 2-6 p.m.:  Workshops led by industry professionals on specific challenges/themes
    • 7 p.m.:  Reception & Keynotes, Hackathon team building: topic selection with short verbal presentation of idea and scope of work
    • 8 p.m.:  Hacking of teams begins
  • Saturday, July 21, all day and night (all events @ TU Berlin Humboldthain Campus**)
    • Hacking continues
    • Industry workshop and presentations on emerging technologies and processes (e.g., BIM methods, hard- and software)
  • Sunday, July 22: (all events @ TU Berlin Humboldthain Campus)
    • until 4 p.m.:  Hacking and final team presentations
    • 1-5 p.m.: 1st IAARC BOD meeting (by invitation only)
    • from 6 p.m.:  ISARC 2018 welcome reception, Hackathon winner presentations and prize ceremony
  • Monday, July 23:
    • ISARC opening ceremony, keynotes and paper sessions (@ Maritim proArte conference center)
    • IAARC BOD dinner (by invitation only, TBD)
  • Tuesday, July 24:
    • ISARC keynotes and paper sessions (@ Maritim proArte conference center)
    • 3-5 p.m.: 2nd IAARC BOD meeting (by invitation only, TBD)
    • Awards & Gala dinner (@ TU Berlin Humboldthain Campus)
  • Wednesday, July 25:
    • Technical tour to two construction sites

* The tentative schedule is subject to modifcations.

** Please note, sleeping opportunities for Hackathon participants cannot be provided on campus property. Please secure your own lodging.